How to get computer description – Windows PowerShell

Very helpful in my everyday sysadmin`s work is a knowledge about role of managed server. Sometimes when I work with nonspecific hostname I need to get a computer (or server) description without looking to documentation or loggin to server.

How to get a local computer description

To get a description very helpful is a commandlet like Get-WmiObject with class Win32_OperatingSystem

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem |Select Description
PowerShell Get-WmiObject - how to get computer description from WMI
PowerShell Get-WmiObject – how to get computer description from WMI

How to get a description from a remote computer

Using the same method we can get description from remote machine (workstation or server). To do this, we need to add parameter -ComputerName to the commandlet Get-WmiObject

Get-WmiObject -ComputerName hostname_or_ip -Class Win32_OperatingSystem |Select Description
How to get computer description for remote computer PowerShell
How to get computer description for remote computer PowerShell

In addition, it is worth to remember, that you can find more properties of Get-WmiObject. To do it you should pipe results to commandlet Get-Member. You can limit the view by parameter -MemberType Properties:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem |Get-Member -MemberType Properties

   TypeName: System.Management.ManagementObject#root\cimv2\Win32_OperatingSystem

Name                                      MemberType    Definition
----                                      ----------    ----------
PSComputerName                            AliasProperty PSComputerName = __SERVER
BootDevice                                Property      string BootDevice {get;set;}
BuildNumber                               Property      string BuildNumber {get;set;}
BuildType                                 Property      string BuildType {get;set;}
Caption                                   Property      string Caption {get;set;}
CodeSet                                   Property      string CodeSet {get;set;}
CountryCode                               Property      string CountryCode {get;set;}
CreationClassName                         Property      string CreationClassName {get;set;}
CSCreationClassName                       Property      string CSCreationClassName {get;set;}
CSDVersion                                Property      string CSDVersion {get;set;}
CSName                                    Property      string CSName {get;set;}
CurrentTimeZone                           Property      int16 CurrentTimeZone {get;set;}
DataExecutionPrevention_32BitApplications Property      bool DataExecutionPrevention_32BitApplications {get;set;}
DataExecutionPrevention_Available         Property      bool DataExecutionPrevention_Available {get;set;}
DataExecutionPrevention_Drivers           Property      bool DataExecutionPrevention_Drivers {get;set;}
DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicy     Property      byte DataExecutionPrevention_SupportPolicy {get;set;}
Debug                                     Property      bool Debug {get;set;}
Description                               Property      string Description {get;set;}
Distributed                               Property      bool Distributed {get;set;}
EncryptionLevel                           Property      uint32 EncryptionLevel {get;set;}
ForegroundApplicationBoost                Property      byte ForegroundApplicationBoost {get;set;}
FreePhysicalMemory                        Property      uint64 FreePhysicalMemory {get;set;}
FreeSpaceInPagingFiles                    Property      uint64 FreeSpaceInPagingFiles {get;set;}
FreeVirtualMemory                         Property      uint64 FreeVirtualMemory {get;set;}
InstallDate                               Property      string InstallDate {get;set;}
LargeSystemCache                          Property      uint32 LargeSystemCache {get;set;}
LastBootUpTime                            Property      string LastBootUpTime {get;set;}
LocalDateTime                             Property      string LocalDateTime {get;set;}
Locale                                    Property      string Locale {get;set;}
Manufacturer                              Property      string Manufacturer {get;set;}
MaxNumberOfProcesses                      Property      uint32 MaxNumberOfProcesses {get;set;}
MaxProcessMemorySize                      Property      uint64 MaxProcessMemorySize {get;set;}
MUILanguages                              Property      string[] MUILanguages {get;set;}
Name                                      Property      string Name {get;set;}
NumberOfLicensedUsers                     Property      uint32 NumberOfLicensedUsers {get;set;}
NumberOfProcesses                         Property      uint32 NumberOfProcesses {get;set;}
NumberOfUsers                             Property      uint32 NumberOfUsers {get;set;}
OperatingSystemSKU                        Property      uint32 OperatingSystemSKU {get;set;}
Organization                              Property      string Organization {get;set;}
OSArchitecture                            Property      string OSArchitecture {get;set;}
OSLanguage                                Property      uint32 OSLanguage {get;set;}
OSProductSuite                            Property      uint32 OSProductSuite {get;set;}
OSType                                    Property      uint16 OSType {get;set;}
OtherTypeDescription                      Property      string OtherTypeDescription {get;set;}
PAEEnabled                                Property      bool PAEEnabled {get;set;}
PlusProductID                             Property      string PlusProductID {get;set;}
PlusVersionNumber                         Property      string PlusVersionNumber {get;set;}
PortableOperatingSystem                   Property      bool PortableOperatingSystem {get;set;}
Primary                                   Property      bool Primary {get;set;}
ProductType                               Property      uint32 ProductType {get;set;}
RegisteredUser                            Property      string RegisteredUser {get;set;}
SerialNumber                              Property      string SerialNumber {get;set;}
ServicePackMajorVersion                   Property      uint16 ServicePackMajorVersion {get;set;}
ServicePackMinorVersion                   Property      uint16 ServicePackMinorVersion {get;set;}
SizeStoredInPagingFiles                   Property      uint64 SizeStoredInPagingFiles {get;set;}
Status                                    Property      string Status {get;set;}
SuiteMask                                 Property      uint32 SuiteMask {get;set;}
SystemDevice                              Property      string SystemDevice {get;set;}
SystemDirectory                           Property      string SystemDirectory {get;set;}
SystemDrive                               Property      string SystemDrive {get;set;}
TotalSwapSpaceSize                        Property      uint64 TotalSwapSpaceSize {get;set;}
TotalVirtualMemorySize                    Property      uint64 TotalVirtualMemorySize {get;set;}
TotalVisibleMemorySize                    Property      uint64 TotalVisibleMemorySize {get;set;}
Version                                   Property      string Version {get;set;}
WindowsDirectory                          Property      string WindowsDirectory {get;set;}
__CLASS                                   Property      string __CLASS {get;set;}
__DERIVATION                              Property      string[] __DERIVATION {get;set;}
__DYNASTY                                 Property      string __DYNASTY {get;set;}
__GENUS                                   Property      int __GENUS {get;set;}
__NAMESPACE                               Property      string __NAMESPACE {get;set;}
__PATH                                    Property      string __PATH {get;set;}
__PROPERTY_COUNT                          Property      int __PROPERTY_COUNT {get;set;}
__RELPATH                                 Property      string __RELPATH {get;set;}
__SERVER                                  Property      string __SERVER {get;set;}
__SUPERCLASS                              Property      string __SUPERCLASS {get;set;}

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